Fertility Awareness Talk / 3 May 2022 / 6pm on Zoom

Honoured to be in conversation with Rona Mirimi my friend, colleague and fertility awareness educator. We will be in conversation about charting our menstrual cycle, the practicalities around it and the benefits! This is a free talk we are offering our sisters.

Charting our cycle serves as a NATURAL CONTRACEPTIVE and is the perfect way to know when you are fertile. Once you know when you are fertile, you can choose if you want to conceive or not to conceive. Our body gives us very clear signs when our fertility window starts and this talk is all about this!

Did you know there are only two apps IN THE WORLD that use your personal data to determine when you are fertile? 
The rest of them generate an average out of thousands of women data to determine your ovulation… 

You didn’t know right?? 

And I’m sorry, but that’s not ok!

Join us to discover LOADS more about our body and the signs it gives us to communicate when we are fertile. 

Assisting ourselves through knowledge of the body.

To register go to: https://bit.ly/3EGYU59 

Rona is a fertility awareness educator and I am a tradition health practitioner specialising in women’s health.

3 May at 6pm

So much love!

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