A consultation would generally include a 30min-45min conversation about your menstrual cycle history and your concerns. Based on your needs I will know which treatments to recommend for the best, long term and holistic outcome.

Here are some examples of what a treatment might look like:

Abdominal detox massage (Chi Nei Tsang) followed by 2-3 months of weekly Yoni Steaming (vaginal herbal steaming) or,

A womb detox massage/corrective massage for the reproductive system followed by 2-3 months herbal hormonal support or,

A sequence of abdominal detox massage (Chi Nei Tsang), womb detox massage/corrective massage for the reproductive system and therapeutic genital massage (Karsai Nei Tsang).

Essentially the treatment is formulated around your needs and body.

All of the massage modalities I practice are focused on removing physical blockages like sedimentation in the arteries, knots in the superficial fasciae, lymphatic system, small nerves and capillary beds or deeper tangles that involve the larger structures of nerves, lymphatic system, tendons, muscles, arteries, veins, fasciae, the organ systems and their energies to allow blood and life force (Chi) to flow freely without obstructions. These blockages tend to be the cause of many of our problems. When we remove the blockage we remove the problem.