Yoni Steaming

I offer two options for Yoni Steaming, you can either come to me for a steam at my practice in Gardens, BOOK HERE or buy herbs and steam at home. You can also find my steaming herbs at these stockists.

Even though steaming is easy enough to do at home, some women may prefer to receive a treatment with a practitioner. What’s important is to know whether or not steaming will help your specific situation. Yoni steaming can assist with many complaints, but there are a few instances that it is contraindicated to steam, such as with excessive bleeding and cysts larger than 4cm. If you would like to be 100% sure, feel free to book a consultation with me.

Yoni steaming is also called vaginal steam or peri steam. It’s an age-old practice where a woman sits over a bowl of steaming herbs allowing the herbal steam to permeate the exterior of her vagina and in particular her perineum. It has been trusted by healers across the globe since time immemorial as an effective way to help women with menstrual complaints, such as heavy pain, irregular and delayed period, bladder/yeast infections, fibroids, endometriosis and other concerns related to the reproductive system such as hormones, fertility, menopause, sexual shame and guilt.

It is recommended that you have a consultation If you are treating anything more than painful periods. First learn with the practitioner, once you have the knowledge it will be your turn to teach your sisters and daughters.

Yoni steaming is wonderful self care practice and the benefits extend beyond easing physical complaints, it also offers an opportunity to connect with the self, is very relaxing and nurturing. Some like to call it a womb detox, when in fact it serves as a detox for the entire reproductive system!

Can Yoni Steaming help with healing sexual relates issues like shame and guilt? Absolutely yes! In its very essence it allows for connection with your Yoni which is a Sanskrit word meaning Sacred Space and can bring up stored emotions stuck in the Yoni which you can then process. So yes, it’s very useful in healing sexual shame and guilt, but you have to allow this process, not just expect it to heal you, the healing occurs when you yourself process the feelings of shame and guilt.

Lao Tzu says if you follow the manifestations untill you find their origin you will be free from its sorrow.

Ad Hoc Steam
Healing Package
  • Incl consultation, steaming schedule, four steams and follow up.