Rite of Passage Ceremony / 18-20 March 2022

“Traditionally, a rite of passage is a ritual event that marks the passing from one phase in life to the next more mature phase. The concept of the rite of passage explores and describes the milestones in an individual’s life when their social status is forever altered.” onnit.com

This is a special invitation to participate in a Rite of Passage Ceremony during an Equinox gathering that will bring many people together in celebration of this cosmic alignment. Sunday 21 March there is an Equinox Ceremony, you are welcome to stay for this.

Are you moving into a revised YOU and ready to let go of the past and shed the old skin with gratitude and finality? Do you want to honour the transition through the ritual of sacred ceremony? Then this is a golden opportunity to do so!

Come announce yourself to your sisters, mothers, grandmothers, lovers, partners AND YOURSELF, that from this point onward you leave behind the past and turn to the future. Fully present! 

This Rite of Passage Ceremony will give you the opportunity to stand in sacred honouring of your undeniable place in this constellation of life, as a woman to be seen by your ancestors, your nature parents and the spiritual forces of nature, united.

I am a woman. I am here. I am recognised. We walk together. 

There is something so profound to participate in a rite of passage ritual, deep down we all yearn for the old ways to be part of our modern world and this is exactly why I’ve offered my service to this ceremony. 

The value of announcing your transition to YOUR OWN HEART AND BODY is one of the most powerful things we can do!

This is very much a ceremony that speaks into the spiritual forces that guide us and those unseen beings who look after us. This will be an opportunity to either be introduced to these concepts or to deepen your relationship with your nature parents and ancestors.

Come drink from the cup of your sacred waters and mark your transition! 

What you can expect:
– We will gather in a forest 2 hours East from Cape Town in conjunction with an Equinox gathering.

– Camp amongst the healing energy of pine trees and a beautiful mountain stream, there are also huts available (first come, first serve).

– Enjoy catered vegetarian suppers together in community and catered breakfast and lunch next to the river.

– Gather around the entrancing fire pit for a check in on Friday.

– Participate in a full day ceremony on Saturday. 

– Check in on Sunday morning.
The rest of the time is yours to enjoy the blessings of nature and community.

– Sunday 21 March there is an Equinox Ceremony, you are welcome to stay for that, just book an extra day camping.

You can bring supporters and your children, or leave them at home, whatever you feel is right for you, you can even bring your partners, but I ask that if you bring your kids that you also bring supporters to look after them when we are engaged with ceremonial preparations.

For detailed information please email me on hello@gardenwisdom.co.za

Here is the Facebook event page.


You held space. You created the container I needed to feel safe and to start trusting my body again. You are effortless. Our connection is so intimate and such a safe space for me. Thank you for allowing it. Thank you for sharing such innate wisdom and for expanding my Yoniverse. Thank you for helping me remember Who I Am. Suskia xo

This was a reminder to my inner feminine that to be seen and held by a group of women is sometimes the most important work that we can gift ourselves. This workshop was deeply moving and facilitated with such authentic grace and presence. Thank you! Federica

I am feeling so many big emotions after the workshop. It was an incredibly meaningful time and I got a LOT out of it. Thank you so much for offering and holding space. Extraordinary. Zolani

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