Introduction to Yoni Steaming 19 July 2022 / on Zoom

I’m sure you’ve heard about Yoni Steaming by now,
it’s becoming more popular by the day AND FOR GOOD REASON!

Many of us suffer tremendously during our moontime. The list of complaints are endless. But from 7 years experience as a holistic health practitioner specialising in women I can confidently say that you are not alone and that there is relief for most conditions.

Dr Rosita Arvigo says that if you have more than 30mins mild discomfort at the onset of your period that it is pathology and can be corrected by natural remedies most of the time. 
And this lady has more than 40 years experience!

This is an opportunity to come learn for yourself how vaginal steaming can help you with your menstrual complaints such as amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, PMS, PMDD, irregular periods, abnormal vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, vaginal itching, endometriosis, fertility, conception preparation, connection with self, healing sexual trauma and in essence, stepping closer to yourself. 

This will be a +/- 90min sharing on Zoom, please bring paper and pen, questions and a cuppa tea. 

WHEN: 19 July 2022 / 7pm – 8:30pm

R200 eft

On registration you’ll receive bank details and zoom details.

“Nicky is the gentle powerhouse of a woman who first introduced yoni steaming to South Africa. She is a plant and herb guardian and someone whose “garden wisdom” I value enormously. As well as Yoni Steaming, she also offers the following modalities – Abdominal Detox Massage (Chi Nei Tsang); Fertility Massage; Womb Detox Massage; Therapeutic Genital Massage (Karsai Nei Tsang); Herbal Remedies. I would highly recommend her offerings – and only regret not being closer to Cape Town to be able to take advantage of them on a regular basis! If you are in Cape Town, don’t miss out!”
Juliet Terblanche 

“I’ve been suffering with endometriosis for 15 years. Since seeing Nicky, My periods have become easy. I’ve always had a dull ache from my lower back all the way down into my rectum that felt like a jolt of lighting going the wrong way. It would happen unexpectedly and there was no comfort or remedy. I haven’t had it since I saw Nicky late last year. It only dawned on me very recently that I haven’t felt that pain in months.”
Ferdous Matthews

“I use to struggle with excruciating menstrual cramps and since steaming I have had completely pain-free periods. It has also greatly helped to regulate my moon cycle. I can’t recommend it enough! Nicky has been a wonderful support in helping me with this healing practice. Yoni steaming has been a deeply healing experience for me. It is a beautiful and nurturing way to promote your reproductive health.” 
Juliet Smalberger 

“I had my first natural period in years and I feel amazing! My cycle this month was such a perfect flow, my womb responding so beautifully to the steams and herbs and all your love and care. Thank you sister for holding space for me.”
Suskia Strafela 

“My womb felt exhausted after a month of light but constant bleeding which is due to peri-menopause. I found much relief in using Nicky’s Yoni Steam blend. It also feels like a true honouring of my Yoni and her path. I felt that the process reconnected me to her intimately. Much gratitude to the practice.”
Joanna Tomkins

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  1. Anelle

    Hi. Would like to join your intro on 19 July via zoom. Just can’t seem to find the time. Can you please advise? Thank you kindly.


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