Yoni Steam Workshop / 13 March 2021


This is wonderful opportunity to learn about YONI STEAMING, an ancient practice used to help women with their menstrual complaints. You will especially like this if you want to treat your symptoms naturally as this is a 100% natural modality. We will also do a steam during the workshop, a special honouring ceremony for your magnificence!Yoni Steaming is a practice where a woman allows herbal steam to permeate the exterior of her vagina to help ease her menstrual complaints. Trusted by healers across the globe and a revolutionary way to help women!

Join me for 4 hours of feminine emersion, where you will learn the basics of vaginal steaming and get to practice it in the embrace of sisters in a safe and sacred space.LEARN:
The workshop will give you an introductory level to the practice, explain how vaginal steaming works, if it is for you, what ailments can be healed, when it should be done, what you need and the contraindications. You will also gain insight into our reproductive system and how it works, all the things nobody ever told us. Knowledge you can then take to your daughters and sisters. The linage starts with you!

The group steam will be an opportunity to experience the practice in a sacred setting, intended as an honouring ceremony for you.. Yoni Steaming is a beautiful way to reconnect with yourself and use as a self-care practice. Read testimony below.

After the steam we’ll have opportunity to share our experience and whatever else may be in our hearts. There will be lots of time to just connect as sisters. From here we’ll gently unfold to tea and some shopping..

I will have my herbal products available to purchase. Which will include my popular Happy Womb Tea and other moon-cycle teas for cramps, pain, excessive bleeding, irregular and delayed periods and my Crone tea, Yoni Steams, Herbal Supplements and Herbal Smoke Blends. 

I’ve especially timed this event so that you can take the opportunity to fully indulge in yourself and the process, thats why we’ll start at 3pm and finishing at 7pm. Try plan you life so that you can simply slip into bed or simply have the space to remain in quietness when you get home.Please note that you’ll need to bring a few things with you (like a blankets, bowl, yoga mats), once you’ve booked I’ll send out a mail with all the details.

Price is R500, including one steam and a goodie bag!
Get in touch: hello@gardenwisdom.co.za

Who am I? I am a registered traditional health practitioner specializing in women’s reproductive health. I facilitate Yoni Steaming in the Mayan tradition, Abdominal Massage (Chi Nei Tsang) and corrective massage for reproductive system, and I am a herbalist.

Yoni Steaming has been a deeply healing experience for me. It is a beautiful and nurturing way to promote your reproductive health. I use to struggle with excruciating menstrual cramps and since steaming I have had completely pain-free periods. It had also greatly helped to regulate my moon cycle. I cant recommend it enough! Nicky has been a wonderful support in helping me with this healing practice. JS

I used to get such bad period pain on my first two days of my cycle. My mood swings could also get me into a lot of trouble although I was always happy to find out that this was the cause and I was not loosing the plot. Since I have started using the products of Garden Wisdom my pains have gone. This is such a relief for me for I am a very natural woman, I refuse to take any medication for anything and just suffer in my own way. There is such ease now, maybe a little discomfort yet nothing like the crippling pain I endured. Much gratitude to Nicky for your wisdom and bringing it back to us so we can live more naturally and take our healing into our own hands. Infinite blessings. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ML

I’ve been suffering with endometriosis for 15 years. Since seeing Nicky my period have become easy. I’ve always had a dull ache from my lower back all the way down into my rectum that felt like a jolt of lighting going the wrong way. It would happen unexpectedly and there was no comfort or remedy. I havent had it since I saw Nicky, I havent felt that pain in months! FM

I had my first natural period in years and I feel amazing! My cycle this month was such a perfect flow, my womb responding so beautifully to the steams and herbs and all your love and care. thank you sister for holding space for me. SS

I have fallen in love with this practice! So much so that I dont even look for men any more! AD

The steaming and abdominal massage combined helped me a great deal with my cysts. The massage definitely tapped into a lot of emotions I didnt even realize were still there. OK

Yoni Steam Workshop

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