Virtual Yoni Steam Ceremony / 9 March 2021

Have you been wanting to steam, but not sure how to go about it and wished you could do it in a group? Well, this event is for you! This is a wonderful opportunity to come together virtually and participate in an Honouring Yoni Steam.

A gentle ceremony of honouring yourself though honouring your Yoni, your sacred space. This will be my first attempt at a virtual steam and I’m very excited! It’s a prerequisite to have joined an Introduction to Yoni Steaming talk, so you are already empowered with the know-how, have herbs, your thrones are ready and know that it’s ok to steam eg. you are not on your period. 

Next Introductory talk is 12 April. Please join if you haven’t yet.

We will gather virtually at 7pm SAST (UTC +2), please have your herbs and chair, towel and blanket prepared. Your herbs should already be prepared and ready. We will heat it up before we steam. Remember to keep the lid on sisters!

You can order herbs from me, buy at NUDE Foods in Cape Town or make your blend as per the talk recipe. Please reserve a space by emailing your Proof of Payment to

I will email you all the info you’ll need.

For South Africans cost R300
Bank details:
Standard bank
Sea point
Cheque Acc nr: 27 050 5385
N Zolezzi.

For Non-South Africans cost 40 Euro
Paypal details:

For more information contact me at

xxxPHOTO CREDIT: Goddess Rising Mystery School.

Yoni steaming has been a deeply healing experience for me. It is a beautiful and nurturing way to promote your reproductive health. I use to struggle with excruciating menstrual cramps and since steaming I have had completely pain-free periods. It has also greatly helped to regulate my moon cycle. I can’t recommend it enough! Nicky has been a wonderful support in helping me with this healing practice.
I used to get such bad period pain on my first two days of my cycle. My mood swings could also get me into a lot of trouble although I was always happy to find out that this was the cause and I was not loosing the plot. Since I have started using the products from Garden Wisdom, my pains have gone. This is such a relief for me for I am a very natural woman, I refuse to take any medication for anything and just suffer in my own way hoping that my first day would fall on the weekend so I would not have to work with such intense pain. There is such ease now, maybe a little discomfort yet nothing like the crippling pain I endured. So much gratitude to Garden Wisdom for your beautiful wisdom and bringing it back to us so we can live more naturally and take our own healing into our own hands. Infinite blessing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
I’ve been suffering with endometriosis for 15 years. Since seeing Nicky, My periods have become easy. I’ve always had a dull ache from my lower back all the way down into my rectum that felt like a jolt of lighting going the wrong way. It would happen unexpectedly and there was no comfort, remedy. I haven’t had it since I saw Nicky late last year. It only dawned on me very recently that I haven’t felt that pain in months.

Virtual Yoni Steam Ceremony

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