Yoni Love 2.0 / 29 May 2021

Yoni Steam ceremony and tantric practices for Sacred Relating with the Self.

The Yoni is the cosmic gate through which we are all born. 
It is a portal to our inner chambers and an expression of our hearts.

This workshop is a collaboration between a tantrika and a womb guru where we will love and celebrate our Yoni’s.
To establish a deep connection with the feminine. To reconnect to the parts that we have shamed or abandoned.
We invite you to join a safe and nurturing space through which you can practice to connect, heal, honour and explore your Yoniverse.

What to expect:
-Tantrik practices and meditations to explore your connection with your Yoni.
-Sharing and connection with sisters in circle.
-Yoni steam ceremony (herbs included).

Yoni Steaming is an age-old practice used to facilitate a connection between a woman and her Yoni, it’s a powerful honouring practice and has numerous healing properties, respected by healers across the globe.

The Facilitators: Nicky is a registered traditional healer and herbalist specialising in holistic health of woman. In her practice she uses ancient healing technologies to assist women in their healing through body, mind and spirit.

Olivia is a recovering lawyer gone lover. She has been studying conflict, communication and connection for many years and is now hosting workshops on intimacy, effective communication and conflict resolution. She is an ongoing student of the Tantra School of Erotic Wisdom and teacher of Traditional Tantra Yoga. Her desire is to give others an opportunity to connect to their true nature and to realize what is disconnecting them from themselves and life.

R550-00 pp
mindfulmediator@gmail.com to book

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