Moon Cycle Charting Talk / 13 April 2021

Keen on charting but don’t really know how it works?
Feeling its time to consider natural contraception but scared for pregnancy?
Off hormonal contraception and not sure what to use now?

If you are wondering about any of these questions then join us for this free talk. I will be in conversation with Rona Mirimi, fertility awareness educator & reproductive health coach from Mindful Menstrual Cycle. We’ll be discussing Menstrual Cycle Charting, how it works, what is required of you, does it protect you from pregnancy, can you have unprotected sex, where can you get charts and basal body thermometers from, and so forth.

This is a golden opportunity to explore this topic with us and ask a few questions.
Spread the word, it’s time to take the power of our divine female bodies back into our own hands!

In order to be supportive during the Covid pandemic we are making this a free talk.

Please reserve a space by emailing me at

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 651 003 8587 
No password required.

For any questions please contact me on
Much love
Nicky & Rona


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